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Providing market intelligence solutions to BT

Diverse, in-depth and flexible, Mantra’s market intelligence services are just the ticket for the UK’s leader in telecommunications, BT.

BT has been using Mantra since 1995 and the analysis is used to review and report on the performance of the company’s marketing public relations campaigns.  Mantra currently evaluates media coverage of dozens of the company’s products, services, initiatives and promotions.  These include BT Highway, BT Together, ISDN services, home telephone services, corporate data services and the sponsorship of the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

We originally evaluated three different media analysis companies,” said Glyn Jones, public relations manager at BT, “and chose Mantra due to their choice of measurement methods, value for money and their understanding of our industry.”

Telecommunications is a sector like no other, with key strategic announcements being made across the world by the industry’s major players, every day.  For BT, staying ahead means staying in touch with its consumer and business markets and this is done through innovative marketing and public relations techniques.  

But each programme needs to be fully measurable; levels of coverage, whether key messages reached the target market and, overall positive and negative comment. 

The information is also used for internal reporting up to director level.

Merits of the methodology

A comprehensive report is presented to the client each quarter, analysing media coverage achieved for each product and service.  This gives BT the ability to measure the performance of each campaign and the product and services within those.   

“One of the key reasons why we chose Mantra was the merits of the methodology used.  The system gives us the ability to use different measurement tools as and when required.”

Mantra also provides BT with a backtracking service, which analyses previous campaigns - identifying particular strengths and weaknesses – and which can be used for comparison with existing activities.  BT can, for example, identify what contributed to a particularly successful announcement and use this data to shape future strategies.

‘Excellent service’
Glyn Jones added: “In my opinion Mantra provides us with an excellent service.  They respond to briefs or changes in the brief quickly, and produce special analysis reports in a short space of time.” 

An example of this was when BT briefed Mantra to analyse the coverage of its participation in the 1999 Rugby World Cup in time for a specific meeting.  Mantra analysed the entire media coverage and produced a comprehensive report and summary within a few days of receiving the coverage.

Glyn Jones concluded... “We’re very pleased with what Mantra has been providing us with over the last few years and I have recommended Mantra both internally and externally.”

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