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Millennium evaluation for VisitBritain

Marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly global and Mantra is meeting this trend by providing clients with sophisticated international analysis.

No marketing strategy could be more international than VisitBritain’s recent campaign ‘Britain – Now is the time’.  This programme aimed to promote Britain as the preferred destination for the Millennium year-long celebrations, capitalising on the excitement created by the Millennium Dome, the London Eye and other such millennial attractions.

VisitBritain [formerly the British Tourist Authority] has a wide variety of stakeholders and is thus highly accountable.  Key to the campaign’s success would be its analysis – evaluating the campaign’s performance within each target country and analysing key message penetration.

“We have worked with Mantra in the past,” said Jo Leslie at VisitBritain. “We chose them for this project due to their rapid understanding of our business needs and of course, their ability to analyse coverage in foreign languages.”

The entire campaign’s coverage during the 12 months’ prior to December 1999 was given to Mantra for analysis.  The difference of this brief from many others was its international nature – 60% of the cuttings were in foreign languages.

Each cutting was analysed on the basis of three key criteria; editorial prominence, the presence or absence of key messages and the degree to which an item is positive or negative from VisitBritain’s perspective.

The coverage was from 20 different countries, including Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, USA and Brazil.  Mantra has developed a team of people from these regions, which not only enables direct translation, but also greater cultural knowledge and understanding. Therefore clients such as VisitBritain can have the confidence that analysis of editorial tone and message penetration is accurate.

Mantra also analysed the brand awareness of VisitBritain within this coverage, the use of VisitBritain photography, the logo and the web site.

Fast response
“Mantra was quick to see what needed to be done,” said Jo Leslie.  Cuttings were analysed and a report was completed in a short space of time.  As well as analysis of each individual cutting, the report contained an overview together with appropriate conclusions.

“The report enabled us to present to our stakeholders how successful the campaign had been and in particular, how it compared against our initial objectives,” added Jo Leslie.

The report concluded that the whole campaign had reached an estimated audience of 274.3 million, positioning Britain and in particular, London as THE Millennium destination.  VisitBritain was able to analyse the campaign’s effectiveness on reaching target audiences worldwide and show how the coverage contributed to Britain refreshing its shop window abroad.

“We were delighted with the report,” concluded Jo Leslie, “I would not hesitate in recommending Mantra to other companies, in fact I already have!

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