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Understanding The Client’s Market And Objectives

Mantra offers flexible communications analysis to AXA PPP

High on the media agenda

AXA PPP lifetime care is the UK market leader in long term care insurance.  This type of insurance protects against the costs of care either in a residential or nursing home or in the individual’s own home.  As might be expected, with an ageing population and the grey market debate of who will pay for care in old age, this is a hot political issue and high on the media agenda.  A company operating in this sector would need a flexible communications analysis service to ensure that the strategy objectives are effective and on message.  This is why PPP lifetime care chose Mantra because it had the ability to tailor its services to provide the sort of PR evaluation needed.

Market Intelligence
AXA PPP lifetime care has been using Mantra since 1996 and as a direct client since 1997.  Mantra monitors their media coverage and provides monthly and yearly reports.  The key measurement processes utilised are:

  • The number of articles on long term care

  • The number of times the company name and products are featured

  • The number of times its spokespersons are quoted for expert comment 

  • The number of times key issues are mentioned 

Mantra also monitor competitors’ coverage so that a comparative figure can be produced.  It is important to benchmark your position against other relevant companies.  Journalists writing about long term care issues are tracked to ascertain who is and isn’t mentioning the company.  Their articles are also tracked for key messages so that the PR team can identify where their messages are hitting home.  In this way PPP lifetime care can target individual journalists with whom they want to build stronger relationships.

nother vital service that Mantra supply to PPP lifetime care is the media analysis of long term care insurance issues, the Government’s stance on issues concerning funding for long term care for the elderly and the wider issues surrounding the subject.  This gives a view on the wider media position – very useful intelligence for PPP lifetime care.

Complete Flexibility
One of the main benefits of using Mantra’s services is its flexibility.  They adapt its services to match PPP lifetime care’s needs.  Like any leading edge business, PPP lifetime care’s evaluation needs is in a constant process of revision as its strategies change.  Mantra can respond to these demands, adapting all the time to client requirements. Cassie Allen, Communications Executive at AXA PPP lifetime care commented,  “Because Mantra is a pro-active company, it is able to design bespoke analysis and evaluation services that are relevant to PPP lifetime care’s business.  Its customer focused, flexible approach ensures that it always looks at the situation from our perspective. Mantra understands our business and public relation objectives.  We would readily recommend its services to other businesses.”

The feedback on media coverage Mantra provides is vital for measuring the success of the company’s marketing aims and objectives.  It enables PPP lifetime care to reassess its strategies on an ongoing basis and to control the objectives.  The company can identify the key areas it needs to focus on and can change its approach if the results demand.  That could mean pushing forward key spokespeople to raise awareness and promote key messages.

People Count
The team at Mantra understand AXA PPP lifetime care’s business very well.  AXA PPP lifetime care has its own account team at Mantra who discuss the company’s public relations plans, objectives and messages with the key personnel at PPP lifetime care, updating changes on a regular basis.  Mantra utilise leading edge technology that is evident in the quality and speed of service that it delivers.  A pro-active, adaptable and thoughtful team can make the difference – and this is the working approach that is at the core of the successful relationship between AXA PPP lifetime care and Mantra.

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