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Facing up to the challenges of today’s marketplace

Companies and brands now face an increasingly complex marketplace.  There is more competition, with new entrants challenging for market share.  New channels and new markets are opening up with alarming regularity. 

At the same time, stakeholders are becoming more demanding, better informed and less likely to be loyal.

Focusing on stakeholders - the key to future growth

As the business environment becomes more complex, it is essential to know what messages stakeholders receive about your business. 

Making sure the message hits its target

Your employees need to trust in the business and to be able to have pride in what they do. 

Investors and suppliers need your business to be credible through profitability, stability and good growth prospects. 

Customers rely on you to provide quality products and excellent customer service. 

Society expects your business to show a responsible attitude to the community and the environment. 

The messages your business sends to each these stakeholders will dramatically affect your reputation.   

Mantra exists to help you achieve your tactical and strategic objectives in protecting, maintaining and enhancing reputation.

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