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There is a growing realisation that in order to control a company’s image and make a reputation or brand manageable, they must be measured.

To this extent, PR and Marketing practitioners are increasingly being required to justify their expenditure through showing return on investment, demonstrate their contribution to achieving organisational goals and impact on the bottom line.

Mantra  was formed to provide clients with a one-stop solution for their communications research and analysis requirements.  Our core business of media analysis has been widened to include Internet profiling, measurement and benchmarking of the communications tools in place.

Our experience and expertise in developing tailored solutions for communications research enables our clients to measure the success of their company’s marketing and public relations aims and objectives.

Integrating market research, media evaluation and communications planning, Mantra enables you to:

  • Make your proactive and reactive communications more effective and accountable through the provision of timely information on achievement against PR objectives, enabling you to analyse trends.
  • Track your organisation’s reputation within the media, what is being reported by the journalists, determining who are your media friends and enemies.
  • Realise the power of your brands and the strength of your corporate image
  • Benchmark your position against your competitors, looking at share of voice and the quality of communications against your own.
  • Evaluate how your messages are being reported within the media i.e. customer service.
  • Implement tactical and strategic plans to improve business performance.
  • Test the effect of your communications on your stakeholders, tracking change in their behaviour and attitudes
  • Analyse the impact of communications on the bottom line.

Through making communications more effective and accountable, you are able to make key decisions on the best way to protect, maintain and enhance both your company’s brand and reputation. 

Media Evaluation


Print, broadcast and online evaluation 
Mantra can be used as a flexible management tool, to analyse progress against tactical and strategic plans. Facilitating quantitative and qualitative benchmarking, which in turn allows practical setting of targets, Mantra can track for key corporate issues and campaigns, products & services across different markets, key messages (and how favourable they are), journalists and editorial coverage, as well as spokespeople (both internal and third party) and media sectors (from country-wide down to individual publication).

All of this information is both understandable and actionable, and we make sure we deliver it whenever you need it in the format that best meets your needs.

Competitor Intelligence - Market profile
Establish exactly how you compare against your competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and any changes in communications over time.  Mantra comprehensive evaluation process allows for full benchmarking on a tactical and strategic level, tracking for corporate reputation, product reviews, media sectors (down to individual publication) and key messages.

Pre & post testing
Evaluating existing client and industry coverage, it is possible to set tactical and strategic targets on a number of areas fundamental to the PR Plan (such as share of voice, audience reach and message penetration), which can then be continuously checked against by using ongoing evaluation.

 Information on the opinions of key stakeholders, be they investors, journalists, customers or lobby groups can also be fed into the PR Plan.  Revisiting these key players again during the PR Plan should clearly identify any attitude or behaviour shifts, while a final review after the PR Plan has finished will enable you to judge exactly how successful the PR Plan has been and for example, when tied in with sales figures, what impact the PR Plan has had on the bottom line.

Crisis management
Where time and accuracy is critical, Mantra can provide you with all the up-to-the-minute information to effectively manage your communications when under pressure.  Detailed analysis of all the key issues affecting your reputation, tracking for spokespeople, analysts, and third party opinions to ensure all tactical activity is productively targeted.

Gaining a global and local perspective
With an international campaign, two of the most important factors are message synergy and consistency on a global level, coupled with the ability to manage cultural variations on a local scale. Mantra can help you do just that, providing you with a detailed breakdown by geographic region and individual country.  Our in-house team of language evaluators, in most cases native speakers, work from original cuttings ensuring the subtle nuances and phraseology are understood.

Public affairs/Issues management
Mantra can also add value by being used to assist in generating and maintaining effective and efficient public affairs.  We can help to build tactical and strategic tools for managing public affairs through monitoring the media and its carrying of key industry issues, as well as the activity and focus for individual lobby groups and their respective spokespeople.  Through benchmarking, it is possible to see the impact that developments and changes to public affairs policy have as they are reported in the media.

Strategic Planning/Trend analysis
One of the most important tools that Mantra offers is the ability to provide a strategic management tool - tracking for key media activity over time.  This enables you to benchmark campaigns year on year, identifying where and how changes to the campaign have influenced the level and type of coverage in the media.  It also allows to track for strategic development and change, helping you to see that you are achieving your long-term objectives in delivering the communications policy.

Campaign/Event evaluation
Use Mantra to determine how efficient and effective individual campaigns have been, all of this within the bigger picture of the overall communications strategy.  We can help you determine whether the objectives have been met, and what the return is for your investment and how well it has been aligned with the longer-term strategy.


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